BDP fans, this is the first issue of the BDP monthly. Have fun! :)

Blader of the Month

Max Tate

Max is the fun-loving blader of the gang, who blades with his bit-beast Draciel. Max is a very cheerful and optimistic person who is ready to help. In battle he is tough and defensive. His strategy is, "A good defense is the best offense".

Emily York

The cyber-freak at the All-Starz team, Emily is a tough blader to beat. Analyzing her opponents, and then attacking with her fast and fearsome Trygator makes Emily a powerhouse for her team.

Tala Valkov

The leader of previous Demolition Boys and the current Blitzkreig Boys, Tala using Wolborg, is Russia's best blader.

Digimon of the Month

Magna Angemon

Magna Angemon is an ultimate level, virus buster, angel digimon, who evolves from Angemon and can further digivolves to Seraphimon. In the Digimon Adventures he is partnered with T.K (Takeru), and digivolves just before the children beat Piedmon.


A rookie Dragon's Roar Digimon, who is partnered with Tai in the first season and Marcus in the fifth. It can evolve into Greymon or GeoGreymon.


Garudamon is Bird-Man digimon based on the mythical "Garuda". It is partnered with Sora in the first season and Kristy in the fifth. It digivolves from Birdramon or Aquilamon and can digivolve to Phoenixmon.

Pokemon of the Month


Pikachu is an electric-mouse pokemon which evolves from Pichu and evolves into Raichu using a thunder stone. In the anime it is Ash's starter pokemon.


Chikorita is a grass-type Pokemon available to new trainers in Johto. It evolves into Bayleef.


Infernape is a fire-type Pokemon which evolves from Monferno.

Quote of the Month

'From' Pokemon

(In reference to an old lady who is about to tell them a story)

Todd: We're in for it now...

Ash: She's preparing to tell us her whole life story...

Misty: We'll be stuck here forever...

Brock: I wonder if she has any string cheese...