Duncun:come on rick cycle past

Rick:Well i am it best speed

Duncun: we are still 50 miles from Pc

Rick:Oh man!! Ok yeah yeahee

Duncun: well good keep this speed i will take four hours

Rick:I can do it!! Yeah

Duncun:Go go speed come on



Duncun:Oh nurse joy!

Joy:Pokemon center village is here.

Rick:Awesome!!. Both chikorita and cynaquil are paralyzed.

Joy:I will give them an status heal!

Rick:Are they ok?


Duncun:Thanks now we need to seperate now rick.

Rick:We meet at?

Duncun:Violet city.

Rick:I think trent had reached the cherrygrove city.

Duncun:I go by a bus.

Rick:KK bye i will sleep here and leave tommorow.

Joy:Room no 696..

Rick:KK.bye duncun


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