Nura: who are u doing? Grunt:Good Morning sir

Grunt2:Good morning Nura:Thank you now may i know ur progess for tracking Luigi ?

Grunt:We discovered that Luigi is whirl islands

Nura:great!!Briliant how much master balls we have eh?

Grunt2: 50 Nura:Poor we need more Grunt2:Yes sir Nura:I will give u money to buy them ok? Grunt2:K Grunt:We need more dusk balls. Nura:Why? Grunt2:We need so we can catch strong pokemon with dark vile powers Nura:Kay i'll order them to you. Grunt:Thank u sir for ur time Nura:I should say thank you to you coz u gave me important news. So thanks. Grunt2:Our pleasure Nura:Now you might dinner is propably ready Grunt:K Grunt2:K Good Night Sir Nura:To you Executive:Well they are doing a good job? Nura:Yep very happy for them they are getting pro-excecutive's position next month Executive:Good for them.Dinner Sir Nura:Egg is good Excecutive:Especially curry. Nura:Yep

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