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Rick's Mom: Well Rick, you get ready for your Journey in Johto.

Rick: Ok!

Mom: I have packed your bag with soap, a towel, your brush and paste.

Rick: Great.

Rick's Grandpa: Good Luck to my little Rick, and dont forget to call me from your Pokegear.

Rick's Mom: Prof. Elm is waiting for you.

Rick: Prof? May I come in?

Elm: Who is that?

Rick: It's me, Rick!

Elm: Oh Rick, Welcome to my little lab and here have a little Juice.

Rick: Thanks for the juice.

Elm: Never mind. By the way did you bring your trainer card and what are you going to pick?

Rick: Prof. yes, I have brought it and I am going to choose Cyndaquil like my father.

Elm: Let me register your card and program your Pokedex. Assistant please give some juice and Cyndaquil with other Pokeballs.

Assistant: Yes. There you go Rick.

Rick: Thanks Jack. Hi Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil: Cynda! Cynda! Quil!!!!

Elm. It is happy to see you. You better keep it with you outside the pokeball.

Rick: It is so cute.

Elm: There you go! Your trainer card and Pokedex. There's my and Jack's Pokegear Number.


Elm :Bye.

Rick :Boodbye to all of you i will u very much.

Rick:Cyndaquil are you ready??


Rick: Then Let's Go!!!!!!

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