Duncun:Hello guys! Rick:Hi Trent:Hello who is he Duncun:Oh introduction Damian its rick and trent my childhood friends Daimian:Oh hi Rick:Nice to meet you Duncun:Battle club is starting you both are registered Duncun:I am in Group F,Rick=Group A,Trent=Group c and Damian= Group e Rick:Group A standings opening match of tournament is mine lol! Trent:I hope you win Duncun:You beter get ready with ur cyndaquil Rick:Yep Duncun:ur match is at 2 Pm after the opening ceremony Rick:It now so i have penlty of time Duncun:Rick ur facing a kid Named josh who uses his evee Rick:KK i have three pokemon Elekid,Cyndaquil and chikorita they will deliver for me anyway i am going out for Practice Duncun:Bye wont u eat breakfast Rick:Nope Trent:Fine i will eat urs Damian:After rick is my battle at 2.30 pm right dunc Duncun:Yep Rick:Cyndaquil Ember Rick:Chikorita use leaf tornado Rick:Go elekid thunder!!! Rick:Come on attack we will win Cyndaquil:Cynda(Fired up) Chikorita;Chiko(Tensed) Elekid:Ele Ele(Confident) Rick;I had a good launch Duncun:Good For you Trent:Rick will win easy Daimian:Yep Rick:We Wait and see Duncun :Rick its 1:30 Rick:Oh i gtg opening cermony is nearly finished Trent:KK BEST OF LUCK Duncun:Go for it we will there now Daimian:We will be in stands Rick:Thanks.

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  • Rick Or Josh last sec stunner.