the fusion-the beginning PREVEW!!
The worlds

how all three worlds are connected

(in the world of beyblade)

Ginka: BIG BANG DON'T LOOSE THIS I KNOW THAT WE CAN WIN MY BLADERS SPIRIT IS WITH YOU!!!, NOW BIG BANG TORNADO!!!!! *a black hole appears and pulls in ginka and big bang*

Sora: O_O AW @$&#$* I WAS GOING TO BEAT HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! -_-*calls back wing pegasus*

(in the world of digimon)

Taichi Kamiya: OMNIMON ATTACK AND WIN!!!!!!!!!!! *when omnimon is about to attack he is also pulled into a black hole with Tai*

the guy that Tai was battling: ........................... e_e AW @#&$ -_-

(in the world of pokemon)

Ash: COME ON CHARZARD I KNOW YOU CAN WIN NOW USE FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *also as the last two were ash and all of his pokemon are sucked in*

Misty: O_O AW COME ON!!!!!!! :(

(in a center world that keeps the beyblade, pokemon, and digimon world appart)

Ash, Tai, and Ginka: what the heck happend O_o


so guys like it so far? if you like it tell me and I will write more so later